Marrakech International Marathon & Half-Marathon


You certify to the administrative company and the event organiser with whom you are registering that you undertake to respect the event rules.

By proceeding with this registration, you declare that you are of age.

Should you be making a registration for a minor, your certify that you are legally authorised to proceed with this registration.

Should you be making a registration for a third party, you declare that you have received the latter’s prior agreement to do so and you also declare that the third party is familiar with and accepts the rules of the event In compliance with the accepted general practice related to registrations for sports events, if a sporting event is cancelled or if the person registered is unable to take part in the event for which he registered, payments are retained by the organiser and no refunds shall be made. This clause is valid regardless of the reasons for the cancellation.

The participation to competitions organised or approved by sports federations is only allowed by presenting a sport licence in the specified sport. In all other cases, you’ll have to refer yourself to the competition’s regulation of the organizer. You must show this document when you withdraw your number. If you don’t, you won’t pretend to participate to the competition or to any refund.

The information describing the events published on the administrator’s site and /or the organiser’s site is based on information received from the organisers of the events. The administrator shall not be liable in any way should there be complaints or claims related to the mentioned information which is the sole liability of the organiser.

All personal information collected by the administrator is forwarded solely to the organiser of the event for which you are registering. The administrator undertakes to observe the Moroccan data protection act when managing said information. Accidents or even deaths of participants taking part in these events or during training are solely their responsibility.

There will be an admin fee of 5 Euro payable by the Client in relation to registration process.

The administrator shall not accept any liability whatsoever for any such occurrence.

The Official Partner of the Marrakech Marathon